ÖAW-Institut für Schallforschung, A – Sound Engineer, Historical Recordings
THOMASTIK-INFELD GmbH, A – Strategic Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Key Accounting, CI, Corporate Communication
ELTNER GmbH, A – Branding, CI, Webdesign
design4sound Vertriebs GmbH, A – CEO, Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Product Development
MATERIAL RECORDS, A – Sales & Marketing, Production Management
i-Music Network, D – Strategic Marketing
TURNER GUITARS, USA – Strategic Marketing
ACOUSTIC IMAGE, USA – Business Development Europe, Market Segmentation
mbOnline GmbH, A – Sales & Marketing, Business Development
PUCHEGGER UND GOTSCHY Engineering GmbH, A – Business Development, Branding, CI, Strategic Sales & Marketing
GEHIRNMUSKEL, A – Business Development
SCHLOSS KAPS, A – Webdesign, Business Development
LARIXSANA e.U., A – Webdesign, Branding, Strategic Sales & Marketing
Carl Verheyen Band, USA – Corporate Sponsoring



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